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Lolmanager Name League of Legends Name
Archangel Kayle
Armadillo Rammus
Barbarian King Tryndamere
Blade Dancer Katarina
Blade Master Master Yi
Boomerang Sivir
Card Master Twisted Fate
Chemist Singed
Chew'Gozz Cho'Gath
Dark Angel Morgana
Death Reaper Karthus
Evil Master Veigar
Frost Archer Ashe
Gem Knight Taric
Grandmaster Jax
Ice Bird Anivia
Invisible Lady Evelynn
Joker Shaco
Mad Doctor Dr. Mundo
Mana Ryze
Mushrooms Teemo
Pirate King Gangplank
Plague Rat Twitch
Rock Malphite
Professor Brains Heimerdinger
Pyro Girl Annie
Rocket Girl Tristana
Rocket Grab Blitzcrank
Sad Mummy Amumu
Starlight Healer Soraka
The Bull Alistar
The Cane Nasus
Time Bomber Zilean
The Scarecrow Fiddlesticks
Undead Juggernaut Sion
Valkyrie Pilot Corki
Void Walker Kassadin
Weather Girl Janna
Werewolf Warwick
Yeti Rider Nunu
League of Legends Name Lolmanager Name
Alistar The Bull
Amumu Sad Mummy
Anivia Ice Bird
Annie Pyro Girl
Ashe Frost Archer
Blitzcrank Rocket Grab
Cho'Gath Chew'Gozz
Corki Valkyrie Pilot
Dr. Mundo Mad Doctor
Evelynn Invisible Lady
Fiddlesticks The Scarecrow
Gangplank Pirate King
Heimerdinger Professor Brains
Janna Weather Girl
Jax Grandmaster
Karthus Death Reaper
Kassadin Void Walker
Katarina Blade Dancer
Kayle Archangel
Malphite Rock
Master Yi Blade Master
Morgana Dark Angel
Nasus The Cane
Nunu Yeti Rider
Rammus Armadillo
Ryze Mana
Shaco Joker
Singed Chemist
Sion Undead Juggernaut
Sivir Boomerang
Soraka Starlight Healer
Taric Gem Knight
Teemo Mushrooms
Tristana Rocket Girl
Tryndamere Barbarian King
Twisted Fate Card Master
Twitch Plague Rat
Veigar Evil Master
Warwick Werewolf
Zilean Timebomber

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